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Category: Prayers for Safety

17 June

Father, thank You for the men and women that have chosen to enter the armed forces and to keep our country safe from the many perils and the increasing numbers of dangers, that are so prevalent in the nations of this world. Protect each one I pray, in Your gracious love and especially those that […]

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17 June

Heavenly Father, there are many hidden dangers for so many in their work environment and many that are forced to accept work in some high risk work positions. Many of these jobs are so that the rest of us can receive the various services that we find so necessary in our highly technological age. Protect […]

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17 June

Dear Heavenly Father, You are my rock and my fortress, my hope and my shield. You are the One in Whom I rest and in Whom I trust, and I pray that throughout this coming day, You would encircle me in Your loving care and continue to protect me and all those I love, from […]

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17 June

Loving Lord, I pray Your grace and protection over all those that are travelling today, by road or rail, air or water or even by foot, for there are many dangers that can cause accidents, so many of which could be prevented. Protect each person that is having to travel today and bring them safely […]

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