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Category: Network Gathering Prayers

08 April

O’ Holy One,On this beautiful dayWe thank you for this gathering of leaders–dedicated to higher education in the Jesuit traditionWe are comforted in your presence in our reflection, dialogue, companionship and networking, andWe are grateful for your blessings upon the food we are about to eat, those who prepared it and those who serve it. […]

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08 April

Let’s pause for a moment and recall that we are in God’s presence. God of all places,You have gathered us together here in this place from across the heartland of our great nation.From the Great Lakes to the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi Delta,you have called us to share our stories, our […]

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08 April

Let us take a moment to collect ourselves, center ourselves, ground ourselves.As partners in mission, and in the spirit of the Jesuit identity we share, let us pray: In the spirit of “seeking God in all things,” may we -pause for a moment of contemplation by taking a long, loving look at the real – […]

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